New Beginning, part I

Posted in history on February 26th, 2009 by kellinewby

October 2007.

We’re marching in the Fall Foliage parade with a banner that reads “Main Street Stage.”  We’re on Main Street.  In fact, we’re in front of the theatre.  I hear people saying, “Main Street where?”

It was that bad.

But it was understandable.  The guys that had founded MSS lived in Pittsfield and weren’t in North Adams that often.  The windows at the storefront stage were used as storage spaces and were usually dark.  The people who had heard of it thought it was some sort of vanity project.

So we were dressed as ghouls and marching in the parade.  The Better Business Bureau’s witch float (which we were supposed to be accompanying) was so heavy that the pick-up truck it was built on top of couldn’t make it up the hill by the Hadley Overpass, leaving our 8 person group a half-mile to fill with just our bodies and our banner which, apparently, didn’t have enough information.  And I’m pretty sure I had inadvertently scared a couple of little kids pretty badly.

Reaching out to the community was going to be harder than I thought.

But we had big plans.  No more artistic directors!  We would rule by committee!  We would have weekend long brain storming sessions (complete with worksheets to be filled out before hand) to write a new mission statement and new goals!  We were going to have a catered fundraiser!  We were going to find board members!

We had no money in the checking account.  We had no name recognition.  We were hoping that Irma Vep would make enough money to pay the rent for Novemeber so all of this work would be for something.