Redroom grows up, kind of

The Most Offensive Redroom Ever (MORRE) did offend a couple of people, though friends in the audience reported that the patrons were more upset with the language than anything else we pulled.  Topics covered included:

  • The Secret Pro-Choice Agenda
  • Director’s Commentary on an Al Qaeda Video
  • “Don’t Wake Daddy,” a delightful skit about an abusive alcoholic father
  • Elizabethan Auditions (sure, dressing up as a clown when trying out for Shylock is fine–actually wonderful–but a real woman??)

And much, much more.  The hardest part of the evening was the projector.  We’ve been meaning to work short films into the rotation, but MORRE was our first real attempt.  You wouldn’t believe how many cords there are to get knocked out of various things with a projector.  We had some technical difficulties.

Despite the subject matter, the Redoom definitely took a step forward this past Saturday.

  1. We are rehearsing.  Last summer, we had merely seven days between Redrooms to rehearse material, and very little access to the theatre (R&J was a demanding show), but now we’re doing full run-throughs before we go up!  It does take a little of the excitement out of it, but, as the projector proved on Saturday, something can always go wrong.
  2. We are also having to cut material.  There are about 5 writers coming up with skits at the moment, so more and more we’re getting to select based on what works best (rather than what is written and ready to go).
  3. We are working on an aesthetic for the cast.  Some might call it “costumes.”
  4. We’re talking about a Redroom Musical.

The next show will be June 25th in collaboration with the Down Street Art opening.  Cafe Trio Budapest will be playing.  We are very excited.  Also, look for Redroom to make an appearance at the opening of 2 actors, 10 Artists at the Eclipse Mill on June 26th.

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