Trio Cafe Budapest

Posted in Summer 2009, The Redroom on June 11th, 2009 by kellinewby


We are  looking forward to the band that will be playing on the 25th: Trio Cafe Budapest.   Just as the Redroom likes to blur the lines between genres, it is hard to put these guys into any category other than versatile musicians who play songs you’ll enjoy.  Their official statement goes something like this:

The Trio Café Budapest (Bill Wootters, piano; Ted Gilley, guitar; Jimmy Bergin, violin) has been playing together since 2002. Their varied repertoire includes traditional fiddle tunes, the blues, spirituals, popular and ethnic music. They have performed at weddings, contradances, parties, outdoor markets and festivals. Their first CD entitled Meridian, was released in 2008; selected tracks can be heard at

Please check out thier MySpace page and listen to some of the tracks.  We’ll see you (and them) on the 25th!

PS: There seems to be something off about the link to MySpace, so it if tells you the friend has been deleted, search for Trio Cafe Budapest under “music” and you will find it.