Designing Twelfth Night

Posted in Design, Summer 2009, Twelfth Night on June 12th, 2009 by kellinewby

Here is what Juliana has planned for us:

Model of the Twelfth Night set

Model of the Twelfth Night set

What you are seeing is a 3D mock-up of the set, which will feature murals on the side and back walls and several levels of docks.  The one on your right will run off the stage and into the aisle of the theatre. Click here to see more floor plans, etc.

Juliana drew a lot of inspiration from pictures of Coney Island, and she particularly liked the image of the Wonder Bar.


You can see more of her research and inspirational pictures by clicking here. I’m a big fan of the rainbow colored Mermaid.

The show is full of clowning, drinking,  mistaken identities, people caught up in the moment falling in love with the wrong people–seemed perfect to set on a boardwalk.

We’ve decided to set Twelfth Night in the late 1960’s  because the themes line up well (gender bending, free love, clowning).  In addition, there is  a lot of music written into the show, and the summer of ’69 brought us Woodstock.  Also, as we discovered last year, it is really hard to costume an older period when you’re working on the kind of budget we are working with.


Last year, Juliana approached us and asked us to collaborate with her on a Halloween project that I will cover in another post (or maybe two–it was quite and ordeal), and afterward she offered to come out of retirement and  design a set for the Main Street Stage.  We, of course, took her up on it.  Twelfth Night will be her second set with us.

As we begin to build, I hope to take pictures and post them here, so you can watch the progress.  We’ll have a before and after.  As for now, the set is a tiny scale model sitting on a table and a lot of bright green tape on the stage floor.