The Show Begins

Posted in Uncategorized on July 31st, 2009 by kellinewby

It’s a lazy, rainy day, though if the rain gives me the excuse to stay inside and lay around and relax,I don’t mind it at all; I’m sure others of us that have the luxury of a day off today are taking it.  Last night we had our first paying audience and it went well.  Although we’re still in preview and still working a few things out, it feels so nice to know that show is up and running on its own now.  After all the work, all the worrying, all the troubles we ran into on this show, the relief one feels knowing the show can stand on its own is a wonderful thing.

Last night we learned a few things about knots (the sails from the prologue wouldn’t come down and we had to stop the show two minutes in and bring a ladder on stage), but that’s live theatre, and that’s what previews are all about.  We’re also trying to figure out some circuit problems with the lights.  After the show, over beer, we talked about electricity (dimmer packs, cables, twofers, source fours, breakers, circuits).  Sure, it was shop talk, but there were a lot of people working together to solve a problem, and a lot of people learning a lot about how lights work.  The experts and the merely curious all working together–it was the kind of conversation that makes me really proud of our little theatre company.

Tonight is another preview, and we have one Saturday and one Sunday.  Come see a work in progress (and nearly done).