RBIT on the road

Posted in Improv, Past Shows, RBIT, Summer 2009 on August 14th, 2009 by mtrainor

We just returned from a great road show at the Majestic Theater in West Springfield. What great bunch of people. What a beautiful theater. What a great show. Huge thanks to Liz for getting us that gig. We’d love to play there again.

(I’m finishing up part 2 of the Providence Improv Fest report – I know it has taken forever. Sorry for the delay – posting shortly, I hope.)

A few numbers on the show at the Majestic (you may wish to measure our eco-footprint in doing these road shows):

  • Number of cars to get us there: 2
  • MPG for one of the cars: close to 30, I think.
  • Number of performers: 6 (we missed Frank!)
  • Audience members: around 100
  • Number of people we knew in the audience: 2 (love you Aslynn and Liz!)
  • Length of show: 2 hours, 20 min intermission
  • Number of scenes played: over 20 (!)
  • Number of long form games: one new one (called “History of Ken Burns” – we recently invented it)
  • Number of Obama jokes: zip
  • Number of donuts Seth had for dinner: 7

Here are a few photos from our past two road trips: at the Majestic and before that the Triplex Cinemas in Great Barrington.

Intermission at the MajesticBarbie, Lex and Mike backstageYep - we played in a movie theaterRight this way!That's usPosterTop of the bill