October updates

This weekend we’re all getting ready for Haunted Williamstown at the Milne Library.  After Juliana designed two wonderful sets for us over the past year, we thought the best way to say “thank you” was to offer ourselves up for whatever she needed–acting, tech, whatever.  So if you’re in Williamstown this weekend, don’t be surprised to see Main Street Stage actors in the haunted walk, the haunted museum, and playing Edgar Allen Poe.

Rehearsals for Marcus is Walking continue to go well.  That show will open in a couple of weeks.  Be on the look out for that.

But as the winter months approach, and fall ends, we all continue to be settled into our roles as teachers (mostly), balancing our attentions between the theatre and our students.

Oh, and keep an eye here for updates on our possible collaboration with Topia in Adams…

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