Audtions, etc

Posted in Uncategorized on January 30th, 2010 by kellinewby

Well, it was close, but we made it.  In last week’s post, I wrote that we had received 200 or so plays.  I misspoke.  It was more like 400 plays.  But we came together as a company, narrowed it down to 20 plays and voted all in time for auditions (which are going on even as I type!)  Auditions are also tomorrow.  Find us on Facebook for more information about that (check the list of links on this very page!)

In other good news, we have gotten the grant to support the second annual Short Play Festival (SPF).

The SPF presents some great opportunities and unique challenges.  Because it requires 4 directors, it gives a lot of people a chance to direct.  It also offers a lot of people roles because at least 4 regular company members have been taken out of the audition pool.   But because there are 4 directors, and 4 plays, it means 4 different rehearsal schedules, 4 people all trying to use our tiny space and 4 different sets that have to work together.

It’s funny to think after all the work we’ve put into the SPF reading plays since early November that the real work is only just beginning.  Stay tuned for updates.

Also, don’t forget to check out RBIT tonight at Barrington Stage II!