Reading Plays

I had been hoping that Eric, the Short Play Festival co-ordinator, would be able to write a blog post about the upcoming SPF, but we received over 200 plays this year and he’s in charge of making sure they all get read by at least two people.  His backpack, one of those giant LL Bean ones that high school kids get monogrammed, is stretched to its limits and weighs 30-ish pounds.   I didn’t have the heart to pester him about posting after watching him heft the all SPF bag onto his back and hobble out of the theatre after our last company meeting.

Last year, when Eric conceived of this adventure, we were thrilled.  It fit into our new mission statement about focusing on new, local work in addition to classics, it supported the in house writing community and atmosphere that the Redroom had been fostering for the past year, and it would give a lot of people opportunities to direct and to act.   It seemed like a big undertaking, but he made it happen.  The show was a big success; we sold out almost every night.  And it was fun.  But in the lead up to it, we all felt swamped by the nearly 70 plays we had to read.

Ha.  70.

There are a lot more of us reading this year, and the end is finally in sight.  I’m admittedly a bit behind, but I read at least 10 plays a week (more when I’m on a tear) and fill out a  form about each one.  Eric reads every single sheet and soon round two will be gin, where the plays that got thumbs up from both readers will move onto the next round.  It’s a lot of work, but it’s a lot of fun.  And we need to have it done soon.  Auditions on the 30th!

Also, rumor has it that this year’s short play festival will be supported by a grant from the Local Mass Cultural Council!

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