Wonderful Prizes!

Posted in history on June 2nd, 2010 by kellinewby

Raffle tickets for sale.  $5.00 for one, or buy 4, get one free.  Prizes include a dinner for two at Grammercy and two Richie Havens tickets; a massage from Tsubo; tickets to WTF; tickets to Sweeney Todd at Barrington Stage Company; and more prizes to be announced later!

You can buy tickets at Papyri Books in North Adams and at the public library in Williamstown.

We’re having this great promotion because we have new board members.  Real board members.  It’s something we’ve talked about at meetings for the past three years, one of those items that keeps getting transferred to the next to do list, but never getting done.  Real board members, not just company members, but real ones…

We kept putting it off.  You have to be ready for real board members.  You have to have something to offer them.  You have to schmooze them; there’s been a fancy cocktail party in the planning for years now.  But there’s always the next  show, always the next bill to pay and fancy cocktail parties kept getting pushed aside.  We kept hoping someone would notice how hard we were working.  And someone did.  Two someones.

So now we are moving back into strategic planning.  We are working on the mission statement and all those things you do with real board members and, most importantly, we are fundraising.  Now, I’ve told the history of our fundraising efforts in a previous post, but the short version is we kept trying to put on a show to raise money for a show, and the double effort was exhausting and doubly disappointing if it didn’t work out.    The real board members suggested something like a raffle that requires much less work.   Great idea!

Want to buy a raffle ticket?

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