Going Rogue

Posted in Midsummer, Running the theatre on June 23rd, 2011 by kellinewby

There are two stories to write at the moment.  First, the tale of saying goodbye to the hold space.   Second, the story of where we go from here.  Ever the optimist, I begin with the future.

“Let’s go rogue!  Theatre without walls!  Our children will be running around at our feet as we perform.  We’ll be like hippies!”

It’s been my refrain for months.  I’m sure my friends are fairly sick of this line of thinking.  It continues.

“Instead of jumping up and down trying to get people into our theatre, let’s go to where the people are!  They can eat sandwiches and lounge around and we’ll do a show for them!”

It’s an old idea: a traveling troupe of players goes out and about, sets up shop, does the show, and moves on to the next.

But we need a show.  And the show will be A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

When I said we were “going rogue,” my gentle readers probably didn’t think of a fairly overproduced play that’s been around since the late 1500’s.

Wendy and Lex will be directing a small cast in fun, traveling production of a show that is both fun to see and fun to be in.  A show that will change with every audience and every new setting.

Where will it show up?  Now that’s half the fun, isn’t it?

For the next few weeks, we will be chronicling how the show comes together.  Stay tuned.