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A Very Good Place to Start

Posted in Starting Over on January 11th, 2012 by kellinewby

In the film version of The Sound of Music, Julie Andrews is telling the VonTrapp children–who have never heard music–about the scale. She gets a little ahead of herself quickly and starts whizzing up it, but she stops around “la” and realizes that they’re just not ready for that yet. Then the orchestra kicks in and all kinds of alpine fun ensues.

Almost exactly a year ago I announced on this blog that we would be losing our space. In the year that followed, we tried whizzing up the scale a few times only to stop around “so” or even “re,” but no orchestra kicked in to help us along into the next part. It’s been a year of figuring out who we’re going to be in the big picture (mission statement, etc.) and small picture (who is willing to do what?) We’ve had to wonder if it was the space that really kept us together. We’ve all had to deal with our own grief over losing our home, a surprising emotion that took many forms and cropped up in odd places. We’ve had to sort through all the ideas that we’ve all had about where we should go and how we should get there. There have been some misunderstandings, some hard conversations, and some big steps forward.

Last Sunday, we gathered together to make living death masks, to start at the very beginning of a new, completely different adventure.

Cue the orchestra.