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Saying, so be it, krsna s beloved tulasi disappeared.

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finally, you will see small white eggs on the underside of her leaves and your whole tulasi will be yellow and limp.

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principi attivi l acido ursolico, isolato da foglie di tulasi, protegge la membrana mastocitaria prevenendo granulazione e riducendo il rilascio di istamina.

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tulasi or holy basil as its commonly known, has been part of grandma s favorite herbs for all kinds of minor to major ailments.

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one who offers a tulasi manjari to lord krishna gets the benefit of offering all the varieties of flowers after which he goes to the abode of lord krishna.

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that person who keeps awake on the dwadasi night 12 th day after worshipping tulasi devi with this stava will attain the benefit of visiting all the holy places and his mind will never contemplate enjoying separately from lord krishna.


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