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Navarathri – kolu at my , she had actually made this lingam with sand beside a river in kanchipuram and started praying him to , u too have a tulasi madam,.

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since the last 35 years,tulasi group has expanded into various fields, by setting up businesses with social responsibility as a primary goal.

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one who worships tulasi devi on the dwadasi 12 th day and chants this tulasi stava destroys all 32 kinds of sinful reactions.

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the term v rk rc vat ra, meaning the lord s incarnation meant for accepting worship arc vat ra in the form of a tree v rk a is applied to tulasi devi.

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the tulasi kotalu are among the most popular of their items that people buy in large numbers.

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tulasi was adorned with lovely jingling ornaments, and the knot of hair at the back of her head was decorated with a jasmine wreath.


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