What We Do

Posted in About Us on February 15th, 2011 by kellinewby

It came up in conversation.  Again.

The public perception is that we don’t do much.  That we’re closed most of the time.

Whenever someone says this to us, we get defensive–we do lots of stuff!  We just don’t always have the door open/lights on!  We work at night!

The fact that we still have our Christmas display up in February doesn’t help our side of the argument, and all of our excuses about having day jobs don’t get communicated, so, after our reaction, we decided to do something.  We’re working on a webpage redesign so that when people say “what do you do?” it will be easy to find the answer.  There will be a calendar, too.  We’re also working on a “who we are” section so that people can see that when the theatre appears closed during the day, it’s because we’re teaching, running after school programs, doing PMP, etc.  If people think we don’t do much, it’s our responsibility to show them otherwise….

Which leads me to Comedy Night!  After the Alley closed, the comedians were left with no place to go, until now.  This Friday, the 19th, is the kick off with stand-ups and RBIT performing.  In March there will be two nights–open mic night and then the double bill comedy night.  We’re also starting up a music night that will run every month.  And we’re working on the Seagull.  And hosting PMP.  And hosting BART.

Keep an eye out for the webpage updates!