The Redroom–What is it? (audience version)

Posted in The Redroom on April 26th, 2009 by kellinewby


The Main Street Stage lobby has fairly close quarters and there are already ten people milling around when you come in around 8:20.  There’s an old fashioned radio playing music, a girl lying on the sofa in the window, and people with sketch pads drawing her.  You pay your $10.00 to a woman in a boa and make your way to the counter for a glass of wine, some bread and brie, a piece of cake and some grapes.  The woman pouring the wine asks how you found out about the Redroom and invites you to draw–why not?

Over the next forty minutes more people filter in.  Some are talking, some are drawing.  It seems like the kind of place where you could talk to a stranger.  There is a constant scurrying in and out of the theatre (which is still blocked off by a black curtain) and sometimes you hear a sound check or a song over top of the conversations and lobby music.  Then, the people you’ve picked out as performers all exit the lobby.  The model gets up off the couch and invites everyone into the theatre.

The show begins.  It is fast paced–there’s a little skit at the beginning, then a musician, then someone reads a poem, then another skit, then the musician again, a free style rapper who makes up raps based on topics given to him by the audience, an accordion player, a dance, another reading, a man telling a dream, and back to the musician.

Some things work.  Some things don’t, but it moves fast.  You can hear the scurrying around backstage of the performers.  There is occasionally a pause, a lot of scurrying and someone appearing on stage, a little flustered and the show barrels forward.   Finally, all the performers walk on stage and invite you, the audience, to sing a long with them.


They take a bow and run into the lobby, where people mingle and chat as they had before the show.

As you leave the cast tells you to come back again.  Next time, they tell you, it will be a completely different show…

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